KALIPPATTAM (Pre-primary Activity Book) English Medium













3) Comprehensive assessment of students performance based on learning outcomes

4) A Scientific analysis of existing Curriculum in Kerala

5) An impact study on the academic project, Nurturing Mathematical Talents in Schools (NuMATS)

5)  Effectiveness of the project,  Students Police Cadet (SPC)   in Government funded schools  in Kerala

6) An  intervention  programme for  supporting children with scholastic backwardness  - ‘THUNA’

7) An impact study on special programmes conducted by SS-K for enhancing language skills and mathematical skills at primary level (Malayalathilakkam, Ganitholsavam and Hello English)

8)  A status study on the implementation of  NSQF in Kerala

9) A study on the effectiveness on the learning package developed for enriching language proficiency in Malayalam among secondary students - “Ente Malayalam”