Reference book


Automobile Technology                                                                 

Civil Construction Technology                                                      

Electronics and Communication Technology                         

Electrical and Electronics Technology                                        

Computer Science and Information Technology                  

Graphic Design and Printing Technology                                 

Textile Technology                                                                           

Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning                                            

Polymer Technology                                                                                   

Agro Machinery and Power Engineering          

Agriculture,  Allied Healthcare,  Animal Husbandry, Fisheries, and Home Science

Crop Health Management                                                                                            

Agriculture Science and Processing Technology                       

Agri -Business and Farm Services                                                

Basic Nursing and Palliative care 


Medical Laboratory Technology                                                    

ECG & Audio metric Technology                                                                 

Dental  Technology                                                                                                          

Bio Medical Equipment  Technology                                                                         

Live Stock  Management                                                                                               

Dairy Technology                                                                                              

Marine Fisheries &   Sea food Processing                                                               

Aqua culture                                                                                                       

Marine Technology                                                                                          

Physical Education                                                                                            

Fashion  and Apparel  Designing                                                                 

Crèche and Pre-school Management                                                       

Cosmetology and Beauty Therapy   

Humanities and Commerce

Travel and Tourism                                                           

Food and Restaurant Management          

Accounting and Taxation                                                                       

Banking and Insurance Services                                                            

Marketing and Financial services                                                           

Computerised Office Management                                                                                  

Customer Relationship Management                                                     


Entrepreneurship Development